Austria and Switzerland! Erotic properties, hostess apartments and much more.">Austria and Switzerland! Erotic properties, hostess apartments and much more.">
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Massage parlour / studioSexjobs

As of now we are looking for ladies from all EU countries!

Our First Class Massage Team in Mannheim, is looking for open-minded, friendly and top dedicated young men and women to join our team.
International masseuses are gladly welcome.

With us everything is legal: We expect to fair percentage off!

The First Class Massage Studio is one of the best erotic massage addresses in Mannheim and the surrounding area.
Through our profile we can guarantee good earning potential.
Our name is our trademark and therefore it is important that we keep our promises!

Just as our customers come first, our employees are important to us.
Our First Class team attaches great importance to the harmonious coexistence.

It's up to you whether you wish to pursue this occupation as full or part time.
There is a flexible scheduling

We assure you that your personal information is kept strictly confidential.
New or Quereinsteigerinnen are also happy welcome.
They are taught in a studio training personally in First Class and can therefore be used immediately as an erotic masseuse
In First Class Massage Studio NO TRAFFIC is offered!
Our clients nappy experience primarily a first class massage to enjoy them and can I freely relax.
If you would like to belong to the first class team,
Then get in touch with us!


Tel. (Sms): +49 (0) 176 76797877
Whats App: +49 (0) 176 76797877