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The Hexenhäusle - Room on rent or%!

Private houseSexjobs

The Hexenhäusle has been reopened in a - for 15 years known address - after renovation! We are looking for international, sexy "witches" (18-45 years) on weekly rent or per cent!

Ladies on appointment, ladies, club or escort ladies are welcome and get their own room in our private house in Pforzheim.

The beautiful address offers everything you need. For example, we offer you a fitted kitchen, a bathroom with shower only for the ladies, a lounge with TV, terrace, garden, a bar area and much more. In-house discrete parking spaces for you and your guests are also available.

Advertising for you and the house is included and will run on different platforms.

A housekeeper is always on site for doors, phone and appointments.

Male and animal companions are not welcome here!

If you want to work on a rental basis, the full weekly rent is payable on arrival. Whether on a rental basis or percents, the extras are always yours!

Living and accommodation are of course given.

Could we spark your interest? Then sign up without any obligation for further questions or appointments.

Your witch's house

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat, 10 am - 11 pm
Sun., 10 - 21 o'clock