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L Amour Discreet - earn up to 6000 € / month

Private houseRentals

The L Amour discreet in Eckernförde is located in a very discreet location right on the Baltic Sea.
Ladies from all over the world are welcome and can quickly build their own customer base.

Tourists from Denmark & Norway and also the battalion are regulars of our house.
So you can earn up to 6000 € / month with good work.

We work on rent. The room rent is 400 € / week.

We are a pleasant team with a good working atmosphere. Therefore, you should be sociable and like to work with other people.

The L Amour Discreet offers you everything you need to live and work. There are 4 study rooms in the house. 2 normal study rooms, 1 bath room with huge bed (especially suitable for several people) and 1 room with SM equipment. A large lounge with Pole bar, counter and music box are the perfect way to make new contacts and get in the mood.

Also included in the rent:
- separate sleeping possibilities
- lockable walk-in closets
- Kitchen with seating and sleeping facilities
and much more....

On site, a Polish housekeeper serves as your contact person. Also spoken in the house: English, Portuguese, Russian and Romanian.

For everything else you can reach us by phone: 0179-3261389
We look forward to you!

Your L Amour Discreet Team.