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L U D E R B O X !!

Private houseRentals

Our house was opened in the year 2000 and has now been established for 17 years. We have a good run and are always looking for new nice date ladies and trans. Young - pretty - reliable - with level - all nationalities.

We offer a well organized house and a lot of service:

- Top conditions and top earnings
- good run, many regular guests of the house
- own room with key and own bell bed linen and towels included
- Driving service station / airport on request Picture frames in front of the apartment TV and internet
- free interactive internet profile free shopping
- right next door highway connection and good location.

You will be welcomed by friendly guests, good running and a very pleasant working atmosphere with good care.
There are several apartments in the house. Your pictures are in a frame in front of the apartment door. The guests choose the photos by whom they want to ring. You do not have to stand in an open door, but you can relax in the room waiting for your guests.
You have, of course, your own room with full facilities and with your own bell.
There you can dedicate yourself to your visitors in a discreet atmosphere.

For more information, please call:
(also WhatsApp and Viber)

or simply sign up by e-mail: