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Hello my dears!
Do you want to earn your money in a beautiful apartment with lovingly furnished workrooms?
Are you also looking for someone who has an open ear for you? Or sympathetic colleagues who ensure a pleasant working atmosphere?
Then you are exactly right here!

The whole apartment or 3 rooms individually - on weekly rent, to neat, clean ladies and TS (extension is possible)

2 rooms are quite normal for working in the private address.
SM-room with gyn-chair, St. Andrew's Cross etc. is in preparation, will be available shortly on request! For the room additionally bizarre equipment can be booked.

Everything fully equipped! Large kitchen, TV, WiFi, washing machine and much more.

The address is centrally located. 2 minutes to the motorway, 5 minutes to the city center and 10-15 minutes to the main train station.
Vegetable shop, hairdresser, bakery and shopping center right outside the door.

Parking is available around the apartment.
Drugs and excessive alcohol consumption are not allowed!

If desired you will of course also be picked up from the train station or similar within Dresden.

NO male company!
Romanian ladies have NO guests here!

Further information and appointments by phone